3 Best Video Editing Apps for Windows Vista

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3 Best Video Editing Apps for Windows Vista

If you want to make money online through videos then you will need the best video maker. That calls for a thorough break down of the best video makers currently available. Top of the list in my opinion would be InVideo video editor. It is completely free, fast, and easy to use. The interface is clear and it makes uploading and editing your videos a cinch. Best of all it can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or even on a mobile phone.

Another option for a quick, easy, and affordable online video maker is HootSuite. This is the program you see in Google Videos. It is quite popular and is a dependable solution for creating and sharing short video clips online. It also comes with a library of over one thousand free and shareable videos. You will also get technical support from the official HootSuite website anytime of the day.

Lightflows is an extremely popular video editing software that makes it easy to edit video clips. It offers a simple, user-friendly design and the ability to import and sync files from various digital media such as videos and images. One nice feature it offers is the ability to add text to your videos with a drag and drop interface. You can also easily crop your videos if you need to. If you’re serious about becoming an online marketer then you really should look into the lightflows because they have the best features and benefits.

Last up is Camtasia. It is highly recommended by lots of people who have used it comes fully packed with video editing tools, one year of membership is only $99 per year. You also get access to the Camtasia interface and the ability to export and import images and video clips. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to have an excellent maker, than this is the way to go.

These are some of the best video editing apps out there. If you want to make videos that will look incredible when shared online, I highly recommend these programs. Even if you aren’t an artistic type, one of these programs would be very helpful. It is much easier to use one of these editors compared to trying to learn an entire program just to do video editing.

When comparing the Camtasia, Lightflows and HootSuite, you will see that each one has their own benefits and unique features. So which one will you end up using? The decision is totally up to you and depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend. But the thing is, you shouldn’t really have to choose between these three video editing apps. Instead, you should try out all three and decide for yourself which one you prefer the most.

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