4 Best Video Editing Apps Available For Windows Vista

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4 Best Video Editing Apps Available For Windows Vista

When it comes to technology there is really no limit to what you can do. With this in mind it is no wonder why so many people out there are flocking to Apple’s iOS devices to take advantage of all that the device can do, and now it looks like that desire to jump ship may be coming back around to bite Apple as it looks set to introduce its own video editing app for the Apple iOS devices. The first apps to be launched will likely be those from InVideotime, the developers of the highly successful iMovie software.

InVideotime has already received great reviews from its users, and rightly so. The software packs a huge amount of powerful features into a small package, and is designed especially for the Apple iPhone and iPad. InVideotime will enable the user to easily edit and share their home videos with family and friends on the go, thanks to the built-in iMovie format. It has been designed from the ground up using the latest technologies to ensure quality and performance. InVideotime has also introduced the very popular multi-track audio capture feature into its free version so that filmmakers can add voiceovers, music and additional effects easily and simultaneously. And thanks to the innovative touch screen functionality, capturing and editing photos and videos can be done with ease.

However, does the iPhone offer everything a budding videographer needs to create high quality videos? Well, not quite yet. InVideotime offers a few editing features that could make its pro version a worthy video content editing program for the Apple iPhone, though. Features include:

* Windows Movie Maker: Windows Movie Maker is considered by many as the industry standard for video editing, though it’s not free! Features include a wide range of in-built effects and filters, support for multiple camera controls, and an intuitive interface. However, the best video editing apps will also offer more advanced features such as: text and object masks, 3D objects and transforms, adjustable widths and heights, panoramic shots, auto panning, time lapse, and even animated backgrounds. If you want to create high quality videos with advanced features, then look out for Windows Movie Maker.

* Open Broadband Video: With the advent of broadband technology, everyone is able to send and receive large amounts of data with relative ease nowadays. To enjoy this service, however, you’ll need to have a high-speed Internet connection. Open Broadband is ideal for sending large files like pictures and footage, and can transfer footage between computer systems effortlessly. If you want the best video editing apps on the market, make sure you’re using Open Broadband. There’s no need to pay extra for faster Internet if all you want to do is transfer your footage.

* Davinci Resolve: One of the most popular video editing programs out there, Davinci Resolve offers high quality images and video. It also has some pretty impressive features including: easy to use touch screen interface, wide range of features including; stitch, trim, rotation, cropping, duplicate image removal, and image restoration. You can import videos and photos from almost any source, and the drag and drop features of the software make it easy to update and manage your library. If you want to edit footage remotely via the Internet or over a network, Davinci Resolve will enable you to do so seamlessly. This is one of the most impressive apps when it comes to editing videos.

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