5 Best Video Maker Apps for Artists Looking to Digital Movie Making

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5 Best Video Maker Apps for Artists Looking to Digital Movie Making

The advent of best video maker has made it easy to make videos. This tool is capable of making good quality videos. You just need to make a simple recording with your phone camera. After recording you have to import all the recorded clips on your PC and start editing them. It also allows you to do various things such as trimming, cropping, adding music, color effects and also changing the size on a DVD screen.

We know that videos are widely used for various purposes. It is used in advertisements, entertainment, seminars, product launches and many more purposes. In order to make videos people take different steps such as import, exporting and using different video editing apps for editing. As the technology is changing day-by-day, so is the App which makes video editing easier. It is now possible for a person to use different apps for different purposes such as making short videos, sharing videos, making high quality movies and even doing both simultaneously.

There are some apps which may seem to be similar but they have some important differences. Some may use different features while some may not. So while downloading an app it is important to look for the pros and cons of the particular app. Some of the pros and cons of these apps can be seen below.

iMovie: iMovie is one of the most popular apps which make video edits such as making videos for websites or sharing them with others. It is an easy to use web editor. One of the best features of iMovie is the introduction of the FCP settings, which allow the use of filters to enhance images. In addition, the other tools such as trim, go round and flip. Apart from that, other features such as the resizing of the clips, the cropping, the renaming of files and the deletion of duplicate clips are available with an FCP 4 compatibility.

Instagram: The use of this social media for movie editing app has increased greatly. Unlike the iMovie, the Instagram movie editor has more features compared to that of the iMovie. Apart from the ease of use, the other main advantage with the Instagram is that you can make a wide range of effects by using the filters such as sepia, grey tone, blue gray and black & white effect. The fact that this is a mobile phone, the ease of viewing and the quick way to add the effects makes it the best choice for film makers.

Quik: Although it has the ability to edit videos, it does not have the ability to edit videos in a professional manner. But it can be used for fun making and sharing purposes. For kids and other artist users, this app will be a great option to use to edit and share their videos. The main pros of this app include the fact that it is a free app and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and it can also be transferred to other mobiles for free.

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