A Brief Overview of Invideo Unlimited Use

Invideo Unlimited use

A Brief Overview of Invideo Unlimited Use

Invideo Unlimited is the latest text-to-speech software offering from Microgaming. It provides you with an easy way to create and deliver over 100 languages and themes. With a huge database of themes, phrases and languages, the software will enable you to deliver your own original speech in over a thousand languages and for any purpose. No matter what kind of business you are in, you can use Invideo Unlimited to give your customers or prospects excellent customer support and personalised language translations. Invideo will ensure that your clients have an easy time understanding and using your product or service and get better value for their money.

You can use Invideo for personal speech, or to market your company and/or its products and services, whether it’s a website, mobile application or offline. The software is available in two versions. The basic version will allow you to create your own speech. You select the words and phrases, then let the software figure out the rest of the story so you don’t have to. The speech will be in English, but you can tailor it to the language and region of the client or prospect.

The advanced version of Invideo allows you to use advanced language translation features and allows the speech to be transcribed into text. You can even include a few other languages or phrases to increase the number of languages and their number of words used. With this capability, your clients and prospects will understand the information you are trying to convey. The software will also give them tips on how to use language features and will help them to navigate quickly and find exactly what they are looking for.

You have the option to have as many languages as you need, although I recommend sticking to just a handful – at least to start off with. You can use the provided English text-to-speech software to write the message in whatever language you choose. You’ll either have it appear on the screen in that language or in whatever other languages your prospects will most likely speak. You can choose different text-to-speak languages based on location – if they’re traveling to another country, you might want to have their language displayed. If they’re at a business meeting somewhere else, you may want only their native language.

With the software, there is no more typing or clicking, and the text is always onscreen. Even better, the speech recognition uses a dictionary that includes all the words and phrases you might encounter. It will search in these items to look for similar words, and will highlight them when it finds them. For instance, if you have the need to say “The next hotel”, the software will highlight hotels in the area and suggest the best one for you. If you only need a phrase such as “Book in advance,” the software will also suggest several options.

Invideo Unlimited Use gives you more of an edge. Instead of having to struggle with difficult or time-consuming keyword searches, you can be speaking with confidence in the shortest amount of time. And with the speech recognition, there’s no need to worry about mispronouncing words. If the person at the other end of the line isn’t familiar with the product you’re selling, he or she can simply click on “No thanks.” This eliminates much of the risk inherent in handing over the phone, and you can be speaking with confidence, even if only through a second language.

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