The Invideo Online Video Editor

invideo editor

The InVideo online video editor is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows you to create professional-looking videos. It also offers a library of templates and video effects. You can choose from more than 5000 customizable templates to create the perfect video for your business.

For beginners, this easy to use platform is a great way to learn how to edit video. You can start with a blank canvas or use pre-built templates. You can add video clips or text, as well as video effects. Once you have completed the project, you can share it on YouTube or other social media sites.

If you’re just starting out, you can find tutorials on how to use the software. InVideo regularly updates its help documentation to ensure its users are well-versed in all its features. Also, you can contact technical support if you need additional help.

With a lower subscription, you’ll have plenty of choices for building your videos. For example, you can create videos from scratch, or you can take existing blog posts and turn them into videos. Additionally, you’ll be able to access over 1 million stock videos, audio tracks, and music.

InVideo is also equipped with AI to handle the entire editing process. This is an exciting feature that allows you to get more done without having to worry about a single hiccup. Furthermore, InVideo has an easy-to-use interface with templates, categories, and keyword searches. All these elements are unified with third-party content catalogs, making it easier to find the right material for your project.

One of the most popular elements in InVideo is the ability to insert text. This allows you to customize your videos with different styles of text, including paragraph, logo, and more. By simply dragging and dropping, you can modify the color, style, and format of the text. Plus, you can change the size and shape of the canvas. And, you can create a video that has a particular aspect ratio, such as 16:9.

When you’re ready to publish your video, you can export it to any file format, or save it in the preferred format. You can also trim your video, adding timestamps if needed. Another convenient feature is the ability to resize your video to fit the dimensions of the platform.

You can also merge multiple videos together. However, you should be sure that your final video is the correct size. Especially if you’re creating a YouTube video or a square video for LinkedIn or Instagram.

InVideo is a cloud-based tool, which means you can access your projects and files anywhere. That’s especially useful if you’re working on a project with team members. To collaborate on a project, you can use the team management tab.

You can access the interface through a special menu on the right side of the screen. This menu gives you the list of used elements, as well as other useful options. There is also a search bar and an option to duplicate and edit content on other scenes.

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