Three Free, No In-App Purchases Video Editing Apps for the Apple Device

If you are looking to make your online videos stand out above the rest, you will need the right video editing program. There are several options available on the market, but only one stands out from the rest as the best. That app is InVideo. InVideo has the ability to cut your video footage into one or more segments, and then you can insert text or images to really bring the video to life. This article will briefly discuss the advantages of using InVideo for all of your editing needs.

Video Editing App

For your convenience, InVideo offers the option of downloading and saving the clips in Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker formats. The other options for this powerful program are available for free on the internet. Download a free video editing app on iPhone or Android, and you could create full-length movies or short clips in no time at all. However, which app should you choose?

InVideo provides everything that you need to create professional-quality videos, in addition to several features that allow you to add text, sound effects, and graphics with ease. One of the most important features of this powerful video editing app is the ease of editing different types of clips. With the addition of transitions and text boxes, you could add text to explain your subject in a way that is captivating as well as informative. Transitions add depth and stylistic flair to your clips, while text boxes let you add captions, subtitles, and other informative text as you create your final cut.

One of the biggest draws to this video editing app is its wide range of features. InVideo includes everything that you need to make movies or short clips, but it also includes support for other advanced tools and functions that allow you to expand your creativity. For example, you can use the Color Effects tab to add unique visual effects and transitions to your clips. If you have an idea for a character that you want to include in your film, but don’t have any concept of how you want that character to look or speak, simply drag and drop the character image onto the Color Effects tab, and this will instantly give you the effect that you want.

Another outstanding video editing app for the Apple device is the iMovie for iPhone and iPad. This film maker app for the Apple devices allows you to import videos from different locations and document the footage with photos and text boxes. In addition to being compatible with both the Apple iPod Touch and the new iPhone 4, the iMovie for iPhone gives you access to a huge library of motion graphics, backgrounds, fonts, artwork, and more. This versatile app makes it easy to create professional films using real cameras and audio tools, and also delivers a host of features that allow you to edit your movies, as well as edit and share them with friends.

Finally, the third free, with in-app purchases option for iMovie for iPhone and iPad is the Lumafusion video editing app. Like iMovie for iPod Touch, the Lumafusion provides a large library of motion graphics, backgrounds, and audio tracks, as well as a wide variety of photo effects, color corrections, and filters. Some of the photo effects include: Auto Tone, Brush Strokes, Chaos, Clipping Paths, Dust Effects, Emotional Style, Gradient Strokes, Noise Filter, Red Eye, Screen wipes, Superimpose, Twilight Zone, and more. If you love shooting video clips with your camera or with your iPad, this one is for you!

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