Video Marketing – How to Get the Most Out of a Video Creation Tool

Compared to texts and images, videos can engage users more and they are much more likely to watch them. To get the most out of your video marketing, you should create an interesting thumbnail, make sure the video is easy to watch, and distribute it to as many places as possible. Consider posting it on popular video platforms such as YouTube and creating shorter versions of it for blogs and other media. In addition to generating more exposure, you can also track its performance through key performance metrics.

Before you start shooting and editing, use a video editor to change the backgrounds and add footage. Keep the video short and to the point – around 5 seconds maximum. Add a video offer, download your video, or scarcity to entice your customers to take action quickly. Make sure to create a video that is easy to produce and flexible. Remember, the most effective videos will be short and sweet. Make sure your video is high-quality, as quality videos will increase your audience engagement by several times.

For beginners, Flyr is a great free online video editor. Its sleek, minimalistic design will appeal to millennials, as it is aimed at those who enjoy high-end aesthetics. Flyr’s interface is easy to use: select a style from their library of templates, replace the text with your message, and adjust the background video if you want to. Flyr claims to have millions of HD videos, but you’re limited to one download.

In addition to capturing attention, videos are useful for generating more traffic. When used correctly, they can help improve the ranking of your website in Google. A video is 53 times more likely to reach the first page of Google when compared to a static ad. An exec of Facebook once stated that the company is moving to video exclusively by 2021. So, video is an essential tool for online business success. And what better way to show the world just how awesome you are than with a short video?

The strategy for a successful video marketing campaign should align with your broader business goals and agreed-upon KPIs. For example, if your overall goal is to increase sales 10% within six months, you could include broader business objectives such as site traffic, number of daily sales, and conversion rates. In addition, you should clearly outline how your video will help you reach these objectives. You could use product videos to drive sales, explainer videos to increase your audience’s understanding of your product, or use customer testimonials as case studies.

InVideo is a simple video creation tool with a variety of features. It has over 23 million premium video clips, ready-made templates, and licensed music. You can create unlimited videos with this platform. Kapwing is another creative software company that facilitates digital storytelling. Their browser-based tools make it easy to create digital stories even without video editing expertise. Another excellent choice for marketing videos is Animoto. With its partnerships with Facebook and YouTube, this platform can help you produce professional-looking marketing videos.

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