What Is InVideo?

The newest video editing tool available in Adobe After Effects CS5 is the InVideo tool. With this tool you can import a video file and insert various text and audio tracks to your video, adding a professional look and feel to any piece of media. In addition this tool has been designed with a user friendly interface, enabling even beginners to edit videos. This article is designed to give an InVideo tutorial on how to import and use InVideo.

There are two ways to import videos with InVideo, one being the built in InVideo tool in the main menu. The built in option works on all the major OS platforms and allows you to import videos directly from most digital and computer devices that work on these platforms. Another method for importing videos into InVideo is to use the application “Inverted Path Inclusion” (IPI) which is supported on Windows Vista, Mac OS X and many other operating systems. To use the InVideo tutorial and its imported videos on your Windows Vista system you need to download this program and install it onto your desktop by copying the InVideo folder from the ” Videos ” library on your computer over to the ” imports ” section of your desktop.

In video creation, the first step is to open the InVideo tutorial and follow the instructions. Once the InVideo setup wizard opens, import your selected video files by following the on screen prompts. You will see a list of folders and their names. Click on the ” import videos” option from the main menu. This will open a new page with a list of all the files that you imported. Click on the individual files one by one, then change the name of the file if it has a different name on the computer you are using to open InVideo.

In video editing tools such as InVideo, there are two primary methods of exporting your work – the In Video Editor front end (the software itself), and the back end using other tools. The In Video Editor front end is what you see when you go to the In Video tab in the browser and click the play icon. This will launch the In Video Editor. If you click the + sign next to the icon you will expand it, and this is where you can find the options for cropping, rotating and de-square options.

In order to use this online video editing tool you should download the latest version of InVideo. In older versions you will find that the exported videos look very strange. That’s because InVideo no longer builds compression artifacts into the final videos. This is an upgrade that InVideo creators themselves have made available to users who paid a fee to be part of the Inventor’s Club. This free upgrade allows users to export their videos to an iPhone, iPod touch or Fireberry.

In addition to exporting to these devices, InVideo users may also want to create videos on these devices for marketing purposes. You can import your media library into InVideo to create media products that can be used in InVid videos. All of this is accomplished through a drag and drop interface. Once you have imported your media library, select the files you want to import and drag them into the project area. InVid will open them up in the media library, and you can use InVideo‘s built in video editor to make your product or service something truly unique and memorable.

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